Green Pack


The Green Pack includes all curriculum materials and the following Soul Exercises Guides:

  • Pure Love
  • The Parables of Jesus
  • Money & Materialism
  • The Life of David
  • The Life of Joseph
  • Good & Evil
  • The Book of Revelation

Guide Packs will be shipped within 2 business days of your order. The digital curriculum will be available for immediate download after your purchase is complete.


Select the Number of Participants (Students and Adults)
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What's Included?

Soul Exercises is a complete curriculum that focuses on getting students engaged with Scripture.

Printed Soul Exercises Guides for students & leaders to engage with throughout the week, based on the following series: 

  • Pure Love: a series focused on how (and when) to have Godly romantic relationships.
  • The Life of David: a series focused on David's life - the good and the bad - and how we can learn from it.
  • Money & Materialism: a series on how to make God-honoring decisions with our finances and our stuff.
  • The Parables of Jesus: a series on the powerful stories Jesus told, and their application for us today.
  • The Life of Joseph: a series on the life of Joseph, his radical obedience amidst adversity, and the redemption of God through it all.
  • Good & Evil: a series on the realities of the spiritual battles and powers that exist in the world today.
  • The Book of Revelation: a series on the final book in the New Testament and its relevance and importance for us.

Digital, immediately-accessible PDF materials to help with programming and to grow your relationships:  

  • Sermon Starters: Six per series containing a verse-by-verse analysis, main takeaways, the main point, illustration/application suggestions, and small group starters.
  • Parent Partnership Resources: Seven unique resources to equip your parents as well as email copy examples to help you distribute them.
  • Adult Leader Soul Care Resources: Seven resources and email copy designed to not only train your leaders but to encourage them.
  • Event Templates: Guides for how to lead events well + five specific event templates to help drive engagement throughout the year.
  • Additional Resources: Helpful tools for you to grow as a pastor and follower of Christ, as well as deepen your relationships with your adult leaders, parents, and students.

Screen support to equip leaders and help students understand Scriptural themes: 

  • Leader Videos: unique videos for each series to provide context and prepare adult leaders well. 
  • Countdown Videos: 3-minute countdowns for each series containing fun, ice-breaker questions to engage students before the message. 
  • Slide Support: series title slides and blank slides for you to add your own content.

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