Less Time Producing Content.
More Time Building Relationships.

Soul Exercises is a teaching, programming and discipleship plan designed to help students engage more with Scripture.

Student Ministry Can Be Difficult.

  • Developing content and programming week after week
  • Caring for and developing relationships with adult leaders
  • Keeping parents in the loop and partnered in ministry
  • Getting students to regularly engage with the Bible
  • Helping students make their faith their own

Soul Exercises Can Help.

  • Teaching content, videos, slides, games and events
  • Adult leader soul care resources
  • Parent partnership resources
  • A community-based Bible reading plan with booklets
  • And more bonus content!

Why Soul Exercises?

Soul Exercises is a complete Bible engagement program designed to simplify and focus your ministry.

More engaged students

Soul Exercises guides students through God’s Word on a regular basis, helping them develop a deeper faith, stronger community, and better understanding of the Bible.

More equipped parents & volunteers

Soul Exercises provides resources to coach and care for adult leaders as well as nurture parent relationships so they are better equipped to help their students’ faith stick.

More effective relationships

When you’re spending less time on the content and task treadmill, you have more time to spend building deeper relationships with and spiritually investing in students, leaders and parents.

What Soul Exercises Includes

There are two ways to purchase Soul Exercises for your group; Individual Guides or Complete Curriculum.

Individual Guides

Choosing individual guides allows you to customize which guides you order.

Physical Guides

Receive physical Soul Exercises guides for every student and leader in your ministry to maximize discipleship and growth.

Complete Curriculum

Choosing a complete curriculum pack will set you up for an entire year's worth of content.

Physical Guides

Receive physical Soul Exercises guides for every student and leader in your ministry to maximize discipleship and growth.

Teaching Series

Unique teaching series all focused in Scripture, broken down for you to integrate it into your specific culture.

Program Resources

Games, service outlines, videos & slide support to make ministry planning simple and FUN!

Parent Resources

Parent Partnership Resources to come alongside parents for stronger impact within their families.

Event Templates

Event ideas and facilitation templates designed to help you grow and drive consistency in your ministry.

Leader Training

Adult Leader Soul Care Resources & Training Videos to encourage and equip your leaders.

Bonus Content

Additional Bonus Content for planning your year, developing deeper relationships, and cultivating long-term success in your ministry.

How Soul Exercises Works

Pick Your Pack

Choose one of four curriculum packs to use for the year, all containing 7 unique, Bible-based series. Or choose which individual guide you'd like for your group.

You Download & We Ship

All curriculum will be available for immediate download, and we'll ship your Soul Exercises guides to you.

(the individual guide route does not have digital downloads)

Build Relationships

Get time back to focus on growing and discipling your students with the help of Soul Exercises.

What Youth Pastors Are Saying

I have students continuing to ask me for new booklets and others have even finished them quicker than a month, so I hand out more. Our group that has gone through them are kinder and more mature it seems, in comparison to our new students who have not started or gone through [the booklets] yet. There is a difference as well in overall participation and buy-in to the group and large group times.

Austin O'DellParkway Church on the Mountain

I’ve seen students are able to notice connections between different Bible stories and retain what they’ve learned for longer periods of time. The genus of Soul Exercises is in its simplicity: to get students reading the Bible.

Joel HiggenbothamLakeport Wesleyan Church

Get A Free Sample Pack

Soul Exercises Complete Curriculum Pricing

Soul Exercises Curriculum includes immediate access to a full year of digital materials, and printed guides for all your students and adult leaders. Purchase based on the total number of students and adults in your youth group.

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Group Size Over 200?

Contact us for special bulk pricing.

Digital assets are made available for download immediately. Printed guides will arrive at your door within 7 business days.

Each Soul Exercises guide focuses on a theme, person, or story in the Bible to help your students better understand God's Word.

Have questions about Soul Exercises? Check out the FAQs or send us a message !