Frequently Asked

How does Soul Exercises work?

Soul Exercises is a student ministry curriculum designed to simplify and focus your ministry in all the right ways. It is a part weekly curriculum/part discipleship/totally awesome way to center your ministry on God’s Word.

We provide everything you need to run your weekly ministry (series, sermon outlines, games, videos, etc.) and disciple your students (Soul Exercises guides) at the same time.  Soul Exercises is focused on helping your students grow in their ability to read God’s Word in a transformative way. We know games are fun (which is why we created them for you), parents are awesome (which is why we added parent partnership resources), and small groups are sometimes totally crazy (which is why we made videos for your adult leaders to help them out), but at the very core of Soul Exercises is the belief that if students are truly invested through discipleship in the Word, their lives will be changed. We want to help you make that a reality for every middle and high school student that walks through your doors.

What's included when I buy Soul Exercises curriculum?

Soul Exercises curriculum comes with the following:

  • Unique Series all focused on Scripture
  • Physical Soul Exercises Guides for every student and leader in your ministry to maximize discipleship and growth
  • Programming Materials (games, sermon outlines, video & slide support) to make ministry planning simple
  • Parent Partnership Resources to align with parents for stronger impact with families
  • Adult Leader Soul Care Resources & Training Videos to encourage and equip your leaders
  • Event Templates designed to help you grow and drive consistency in your ministry
  • Additional Bonus Content for planning your year, developing deep relationships, and cultivating long-term success.
What are Soul Exercises guides?

Soul Exercises guides are 6-week, printed guides that go along with the sermon series throughout the year. Each week has 5 daily Scripture(s) and journal prompts for students and adult leaders to engage with throughout the week leading up to your weekly meeting. Students interested in going deeper can use the guides to add additional spiritual disciplines such as Scripture reading, prayer, fasting, Scripture memorization, journaling, and giving. These guides drive sermon content and small group discussions as well.

What are the "Plans" within each guide?

Soul Exercises guides are designed to help every student engage in God’s Word, no matter where they are in their walk with God. Plans 1-4 range from reading 1-5x a week to reading every day and participating in additional spiritual disciplines (prayer, journaling, fasting, giving, and Scripture memorization). Regardless of where a student in your group falls, everyone can participate.

Consider this: if a student begins engaging with the Bible 1x a week for the first time with Soul Exercises, in a year he or she has read the Bible FIFTY-TWO more times than the year before! That's worth celebrating!

What is the difference between each Soul Exercises Pack?

Soul Exercises is available in Red, Blue, Green, and Gray packs. Each pack contains 7 unique series + Soul Exercises guides. The other curriculum content is the same in each pack. Choose your pack based on which series you would like to complete with your group.

How much does Soul Exercises cost?

Soul Exercises is priced based on the number of students and leaders in your group. Our goal is to make Soul Exercises affordable and accessible for any and all ministries. If cost is ever an issue for your group, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at We are here to help!

How do I access content?

Once you purchase Soul Exercises curriculum, all curriculum content will be immediately available for download via your Soul Exercises account and your email confirmation. The physical guides will be mailed to you within 2-5 business days of your order.

How do small groups work with Soul Exercises?

Small groups are centered on the weekly readings in the Soul Exercises guides. Each sermon outline has Small Group suggestions for adult leaders to use, but the primary focus should be on what the group read about during the week in their guides. This may seem different and a little open-ended, but the purpose is to help foster conversation that is based primarily in Scripture and what students found interesting, new, or challenging about God’s Word. This community discussion fosters incredible spiritual growth - for students and leaders alike!

Will I receive anything in the mail or is everything digital?

Yes, because we know mail is exciting! All curriculum will be delivered digitally, but the physical Soul Exercises guides are delivered in print form.  Guides will be packaged and mailed within 2-5 business days.

NOTE: When selecting shipping options, please know that Media Mail is significantly cheaper but does take longer and does not provide a tracking number. If you need the guides quickly (within a week), please select Priority Mail.

Do you provide Soul Exercises guides in a digital format?

At this time, we do not provide Soul Exercises guides in a digital format.

What if I just want to use the guides without the curriculum?

Good news, you can! Soul Exercises guides can be purchased individually for $3/guide. This is perfect for a small group study apart from the larger student ministry, a college group, an adult small group, or a family.

*Please note that the guides do not include any curriculum (but they’re still pretty awesome all on their own).

Can I pick which series/guides I do in a year?

We’ve carefully selected seven guides per year for you to place in whichever order you’d like. If you have a specific requested order that does not fall inside our four packs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

What is the Soul Exercises return policy?

All Soul Exercises sales are final. Please send us a message ( if you have a concern with your Soul Exercises curriculum.

Still have questions? Send us a message or an email!