Frequently Asked

How does Soul Exercises work?

Soul Exercises exists to help you help students develop Bible-reading habits. First, order enough guides for every person in your group. Once you've received them, each person will choose a plan to follow within the guide and complete their "soul exercises" each week, then discuss what they've read in their small groups. Once your group has finished a guide, order another one and start again! 

How do we start Soul Exercises?
  1. Choose a guide (or two, or three) that you'd like to go through with your group
  2. Order enough guides for every person
  3. Get started!
What are the "Plans" within each guide?

Soul Exercises is designed for every person to be able to read the Bible, whether in church for fifty years or five minutes. There are four plans (1, 2, 3, and 4) that require varying levels of engagement. Everyone should decide which plan they’d like to complete at the beginning of a guide and will follow that plan for the duration of the guide. 

How much does Soul Exercises cost?

Soul Exercises can be a zero-cost system for your group if participants purchase their own guides. Each guide is $3, which is 50 cents a week. If you want to order a semester-pack or a year-pack, the price will drop significantly! You can check out and build your semester-packs and year-packs in our Shop.  

How do I access content?

Our Shop has all currently available guides and resources. We try to package and ship your purchases within two business days, so you won't have to wait long to get them!

Is Soul Exercises only meant for small groups?

Soul Exercises is a versatile tool that can be used in large and small groups. Each guide is six weeks long, and each week centers on one component of the larger theme. This means the large group teaching can be centered on the weekly theme, which sets up students well for small group and re-emphasizes what they read all week.

Ministries can also use Soul Exercises in a smaller, discipleship-focused environment, without a large group teaching (i.e. Sunday School). To find out how Soul Exercises can fit uniquely in your ministry, send us a message and we’ll help you!

Does Soul Exercises need a large group message too in order to be effective?

No. Soul Exercises can exist on its own as an excellent way to engage your students in the Bible. However, we've also created resources to help you if you do choose to use Soul Exercises as a comprehensive system for your ministry. Sermon outlines are available to help you get started with large-group teachings. When students are exposed to Scripture in 3 different ways (personal time in the Word, large group teaching, and small group discussion), they're well on their way to developing lasting Bible-reading habits!

How could Soul Exercises be a zero-cost system for my ministry?

Our goal is to make Soul Exercises an affordable and accessible system for churches. Soul Exercises can be a zero-cost system for your ministry if parents purchase the guides for their students directly from our website. You will still receive all sermon outlines, leader videos, and slide content.

What's included when I buy Soul Exercises?

We're glad you asked! Soul Exercises guides stand alone as an excellent tool to engage students in the Bible through personal reading and small group discussion. However, each purchase of a guide comes with additional resources for you to use if they fit in your context. Sermon outlines, leader videos, and slide content are all included when you purchase Soul Exercises guides for your group.

Still have questions? Send us a message or an email!