Creating Healthy Bible Reading Habits

Starting a habit can be hard.  It can get discouraging and feel like it’ll never stick.  But what better habit to start, than digging into daily Scripture and getting time with your Father?

Here are some tips on helping those Bible reading habits stick.

Set Your Goals. 

What kind of goal do you want to achieve in your Bible reading right now?  Maybe it’s reading your Bible once every couple days, maybe it’s reading 5 verses every day.  Whatever it is, make sure you have a realistic goal set in place.  You can always build on those goals.  Write the goal out or even tell someone about this goal to help keep you accountable.

Make a Plan.

Set yourself up for success by being proactive in creating a plan to start your Bible reading goal.  Get specific.  Where are you going to read your Bible?  What book of the Bible will you start reading? Sometimes it’s easier to read with a friend.  Can you pull someone in to reach this goal with you?

Also, be thinking of the obstacles that you might have to overcome.  What are things that might distract you or derail you from your plan?  How can you push past the tiredness or “too busy” phrases and still accomplish your goal.

Make it Fun!

What are some fun ways you can help your goals stick?   Here are a few ideas that can be used for your youth group, small group, or as an individual.

  • Create a leader vs. student competition. Have the students and leaders on the same goal and have them track their progress.  Each week at group have a leader board where they all can check in with their progress.  At the end of the goal time, have the winner pie the opposing people (or a few people) in the face!
  • Create food incentives. If you or your whole group reads the Bible every day for the duration of the time, reward them with ice cream, pizza, or something that they love!
  • Make a chart for yourself, so you can physically check off your progress. At different intervals, create a reward for yourself.  Whether that’s food related, seeing a movie, or even going to a sporting event- something that you will look forward to.

The purpose of creating it fun and putting some incentives in, is to help these habits stick.  When we create habits in our life, our brain is physically creating pathways between nerve cells.  The more frequent we make these nerve cells connect again and again, the stronger the behavior comes.  If incentives are what keep those nerve cells going back and forth, let’s do it!

Ultimately, one of the number one ways we connect with Jesus is by reading His Word.  We learn so much about his love and character and how we should live our lives.  Reading your Bible should come as a priority in your relationship with Him, just like we would spend time building a relationship with a friend.   Let’s go out and make those habits become a daily part of our life.


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