4 Great Christmas Gifts For Your Youth Leaders

Christmas is the time to appreciate your youth leaders. Let’s be honest – if we could, we would buy all of them yachts. They do so much, from playing ridiculous games on ministry nights to spending hours processing tough moments with students. The work they do is important both in this moment and in eternity. While we may not have boat-sized budgets, we can appreciate our leaders well with gifts that are intentional and meaningful. 

Here are 4 Christmas gifts that your youth leaders will actually want: 

Favorite Snack & A Personal Note
If your budget is limited, personal is the way to go! Figure out each leader’s favorite snack, drink, or candy, and purchase it for them. Pair it with a written note of gratitude and appreciation.   

Group Experience
We’ve all got enough stuff, so consider an experience instead. Book an escape room, a unique dinner experience, or an event that’s popular in your area. It’s a great way to bond as a group and a fun way to celebrate their hard work!  

Gift Card to Local Coffee Shop or Restaurant
Starbucks is great, but do some research and give a gift card to a local spot in your town. Not only will you give them a chance to try something fun and new, but you’ll be supporting a local business in the process! 

Branded Merch
Water bottles, t-shirts, or mugs with your logo can be cost-effective and a great gift for your leaders. If you have a little more room in the budget, consider a bigger item, like a sweatshirt, a Yeti tumbler, or a vest.

Whatever your budget or capabilities, we hope you’ll take some time to show your leaders just how great they are and the eternal difference they’re making in students’ lives!

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