The Life of Daniel

When they were very young, Daniel and his friends were taken to a foreign land called Babylon. They were forced to change how they spoke, ate, and basically everything about their day-to-day lives. “Normal” was redefined - in a negative way. So much was unknown, and amidst all the physical changes, their faith was also about to be put to the test. Through this oppression, Daniel and his friends chose to live radical lives of faith in God, even at the risk of death. The story of Daniel shows the contrast between the world’s values (Babylon) and God’s values (Daniel & his friends). Daniel was under tremendous pressure to “fit in” and go along with things that opposed his faith in God, but because of his obedience, God protected Daniel and did miraculous things to bring glory to Himself. Even when all the odds were stacked against them, even when it wasn’t easy, they didn’t waver in their faith.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

Set Apart

Why was Daniel different, and how did that change his words and actions? How should being "set apart" change my words and actions?

Impossible Faith

When situations arise that I cannot control, how does my faith help me get through?

Through a Fiery Trial

How does the furnace experience challenge my faith and boldness for Christ?

Pride Destroys

The King recognized that Daniel was different because of God in his life. In what ways should my life look different because of God's presence?

A Warning from God

When God speaks, do I listen?

Pray At All Costs

Daniel kept with his daily routine of prayer no matter what. What does my routine of prayer look like and how can it improve?

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