The Book of Revelation

Talking about the end of the world is not a light subject. The Book of Revelation begins with very specific messages written to groups of people who were alive when this book was originally written. We learn about certain characteristics of the people in these churches. Some were doing okay, some were not. Regardless of where the churches fell, it’s important to remember the clear message: there are consequences to our actions and how we live. We are responsible for our choices. Over the next six weeks, you will learn about God’s righteousness through His judgment. You will definitely have questions surrounding the contents of this book - it’s a little strange! While these questions are valid and important, be careful not to allow them to become a distraction and derail the main point of the book. It is critical to remember there is a lot we DO know about Revelation - God is righteous, and one day we will stand in His presence. How should that change how we live today?

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

Seven Churches

What can I learn about what to do and not do based on the seven churches in Revelation?

Seven Seals

What does this part of Revelation teach me about praising God? How can this motivate me to pray to God?

Seven Trumpets

What can I learn about the connection between God’s righteousness and God’s wrath?

Seven Angels, Plagues, Bowls

What can the significance of the seven angels, plagues, and bowls teach me about my relationship with God today?

Final Conflict

What is the final outcome for Satan? How does this influence my big picture perspective of the current conflict between God and Satan?

Final Judgment

What will difference be between now (today) and eternity?


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