The Parables of Jesus

Everyone loves and remembers a great story. Stories are engaging, suspenseful, funny, and oftentimes you learn something at the end. That’s why Jesus taught primarily in story form. Whether it was illustrating the love of God, exemplifying how to live a Christ-centered life, or showing the importance of persistence in prayer, the parables of Jesus were meant to serve as teachable moments for the disciples and everyone listening- and there are a lot of them! Throughout the next six weeks, you’ll be reading through thirty of the parables Jesus told. Keep in mind that some may be easier to understand than others, and different parables will speak to different people in different ways. Still, every one of them is valuable for you to read and discuss in order to better understand the message of Jesus.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

God's Passion for People

What does Jesus say about loving others, and how should that direct our words and actions?

How to Treat Others

How does God's love, mercy, and forgiveness towards me effect my love, mercy, and forgiveness towards those around me?

The Kingdom

What does Jesus say about the Kingdom, and how can I learn about the already-not-yet reality of it?

Preparing for His Arrival

What does Jesus say about returning to earth, and what does that mean for my life?

Managing His Resources

How do we handle money, time, and other resources well while on earth?

His Judgment

What is the judgment of God, and how should it affect the way we live?

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