Money and Materialism

If you haven’t read the Bible very closely, you might assume that there isn’t much in the Bible about the things we deal with in our lives today, like the topic of money. Does the Bible say anything about credit cards, student loans, or how to make and maintain a budget? Does the Bible say anything about money? The answers are yes, yes, yes, and...yes! In the New Testament, Jesus talks more about money than any other topic. All throughout His teachings, this theme is clear: “you cannot serve God and money.” Money is a tangible indicator of our hearts and priorities. It’s no wonder some people squirm in their seats when money and faith are brought up together. Jesus is firm: how a person spends his or her money shows what is important to them. In this study, you will learn God’s view on money and instructions on how to handle it.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.


Based on what Scripture says about money, how do my spending habits line up with my faith? Do I ever worry about money?


What possession(s) do I think about the most? What is Jesus saying to do instead of worry and chasing after things?


How can I learn to better measure how God has blessed me so that I can then give appropriately?


What actions should I take today to ensure I am not enslaved by borrowing money?


How is loving my enemies related to lending without expecting anything in return?


According to the author Paul, what are the byproducts of someone who is generous and shares with others?


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