The Miracles of God

Jesus’ ministry on earth was miraculous. Jesus performed many miracles, from turning water into wine (Mark 2) to raising a young girl from the dead (Mark 5). God is a God of the supernatural. Not only are God’s miracles incredible, but so is His timing. He works in our lives exactly when we need it. Even though we typically associate miracles and supernatural occurrences with the Bible, the miracles we read about are not just limited to that time and place. God is still performing supernatural miracles in our world today! While we might not be at weddings where water is turned into wine this weekend – we can see His supernatural power manifested in the way He provides, heals, sustains, protects, rescues, and reveals Himself in our daily lives and in the world around us. Throughout this guide, consider this question: What can you learn about God, yourself, and others when examining the miracles of God then and now?

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.


How does God provide for His people in Scripture, and what can I learn about my own life from these stories?


What does Scripture teach about healing, and how does it change my view or opinion on God’s ability to heal today?


What does God sustain that I take for granted? Where has His sustaining power been working in my life that I have never acknowledged?


God’s protection is available to me, but it requires faith. Where in my life have I lacked faith in God’s protection?


When we remember the faithfulness of God in the past, it helps us in the future. Where has God rescued me that I need to remember so it will help me in the future?


What can I learn about the unique ways God revealed himself in the Bible? Where can I look for God in my daily life?


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