The Judges

The book of Judges tells the story of the people that God sent to redeem Israel: men and women who bravely followed God and played a part in Israel’s pattern of sin, repentance, and deliverance. These people were chosen by God, but they might not be who you’d expect. They didn’t fit into a mold, and they definitely weren’t perfect, but they made a difference. Their leadership - both in good and bad moments - can help us learn how God can use us to lead others. Over the next six weeks, you’ll read about the lives of Deborah, Gideon, Jephthah, and Samson. You’ll learn how they lived, listened, obeyed, acted, and grew in ways that expanded their leadership and helped Israel. You’ll also walk through some of the not-so-shining moments of these leaders, and how the pattern of sin they were trapped in paid a toll on their leadership and the future of Israel. Throughout the book of Judges, one thing is clear: God can use us if we are obedient, regardless of where we’ve been or what we’ve done.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

Deborah, Living Boldly

Deborah reminded Barak of what God had said and told him to “Go.” Who in my life can I encourage in this way?

Gideon, Listening Honestly

Why is it sometimes difficult for me to do as God asks, even if it goes against my culture?

Gideon, Obeying Bravely

If God users His enemies for His purposes, what does that mean for me today?

Jephthah, Acting Courageously

According to the life of Jephthah, what kinds of people does God use for His plans? How does that change my perspective on who God wants me to be?

Samson, Growing Stronger

God uses the situation of Samson to complete a bigger picture. How does this help me put what’s happening in my life right now into perspective?

Samson, Growing Weaker

Samson realizes his strength comes from God. Did Samson's life honor God or himself more? What about my life?


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