The Life of Joseph

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought “WHY did I just have that dream?” We’ve all had odd dreams - but have you ever had a dream that has made other people angry? Like, abandon-you-in-a-pit-and-stage-your-murder angry? You probably haven’t, but Joseph did, and it sent him on a crazy path to God’s plan for his life. Joseph was a dreamer. God gifted Joseph with dreams that would guide his life and destiny, dreams that took him to places he could have only imagined. Through it all, he remained faithful to God. Joseph’s life represents staying faithful to God. For him, that meant being rejected by family, abandoned in the desert, and more. In this series, you will take a close look at Joseph’s life. Throughout everything he endured, he remained faithful to God and upright in character. God still gives his people dreams today - dreams that can change the world!

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

Dreams Are Given

What can I learn about Joseph’s relationship with his family, and how he responded to their reaction about his dreams?

Dreams Are Shattered

What does Joseph’s response to his situation say about his character, and what implication does this have for me?

Dreams Come True

Because of his humility and faithfulness to God, what ways did God favor Joseph? Where in my life do I need to be more humble and faithful to God?

Dreams Change Others

Joseph’s brothers felt guilty for what they did to Joseph. What guilt from my past may I need to confess and surrender to God?

Dreams Are Revealed

What can I learn about God’s plans and love for me through the end of the story of Joseph?

Dreams Outlive You

In what ways did God heal, provide, and bless this whole family through Joseph’s life, even after he was gone?


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