Good & Evil

At this very moment, there is a reality around us different from the one we can see. If we called our world the “seen” world, then we could call this other reality the “unseen” world. Right now, there exists all around us the unseen powers of both God and Satan. Scripture teaches us that the unseen world is just as much a reality as what we see in front of us. Satan focuses his attack against the highest of God’s creation, those made in His image and likeness, us. This guide is meant to bring awareness to the reality of the world in which we live. As followers of Jesus, we should know what the Bible says about angels, demons, God’s power, the nature of Satan, and more. Over the next six weeks, you will learn about the nature of spiritual warfare, and how to be prepared for it. You will read examples from Jesus and heroes of faith when they faced the powers of darkness and what they did to overcome, and learn how God’s power always overcomes if we faithfully follow Him.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

The Power of God's Armor

What role does prayer play in God’s "battle strategy"? What makes prayer so effective?

The Power of Satan

What is it about the serpent (Satan) that makes him so deceptive? What lies does he use to try and deceive me?

The Power of Spiritual Authority

As believers, where does our power come from, and how do we know how to use the power we’ve been given?

The Power of Prayer

What types of weaknesses do I struggle with that I need to give to God in prayer?

The Power of Demons

Even demons believe in God. What is the difference between their belief in God and mine?

The Power of Angels

What is Jesus’ relationship to angels, what is their purpose, and how do they affect me?


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