Faith & Fear

The opposite of faith isn’t doubt - it’s fear. We fear the outcome of something when we do not have faith it will work out the way we want it to. Fear is often a driving factor for how people live their lives. It affects decisions, relationships with other people, futures, and our perception of God. This is how Satan wants us to live - in fear that God will not follow through on His promises for us. The temptation to be afraid is one of the greatest tests of faith. We need to know the answer to the question: How do we learn to live lives of faith rather than fear? Over the next six weeks, you will discover how to combat fear by studying the promises of God. There are countless stories of people just like you putting their faith before their fear, and great things happen. By reading real stories about real people in real situations, you will learn that fear can defeat, but faith will help you overcome!

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

Power: God Overcomes

In the story of David in battle in 1 Samuel 17, what words does David use to solidify his faith in God’s power?

Protection - God Cares

How much do I truly trust God to protect me from life's storms, even when I'm in the middle of one? Who or what do I naturally turn to?

Provision - God Provides

What might still cause me to fear not having what I need even when I know the promises of God in Scripture?

Promises - God Delivers

After receiving a promise that was impossible to believe, what was Abram's response before it even happened? How would I respond to an impossible promise from God?

Perspective - God Reveals

In the story of Peter and Jesus walking on water, where was Peter's focus when he walked in faith? What causes me to sometimes lose focus in my life with God?

Providence - God Controls

Jesus put his faith in the Heavenly Father above his fear of death. What are 2-3 things that Jesus could have done instead of allowing himself to be killed?


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