A Holy Life

When you hear the word “holy”, you probably think of a painting of Jesus gazing into the sky while holding a perfectly calm lamb, or a large cathedral with stained glass windows. The word implies something big and important. When we compare ourselves to those images, we might never consider our lives as “holy”. What if our lives were a better picture of holiness than those images we thought about? What if God desires for us to be the most accurate picture of holiness we can have here on earth? Holiness can seem like a vague and unachievable goal, but when we look at Scripture, we learn that it’s actually the opposite. The Bible doesn’t consist of impractical theories about life - it’s real life - and holiness can define our lives every single day. God wants His people to be holy, and our part in becoming holy is NOT trying harder, but submitting ourselves more to Him.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.


What can I learn from Jesus’ example of how he submitted himself to God the Father? Where do I need to do this in my own life?


What does Scripture say about how I think and its effect on my life? What are some ways I can use biblical practices to improve my thoughts and improve my life?


What connection is there between a holy heart and what comes out of my mouth?

Eating & Drinking

As a follower of Christ, how are we responsible to others about what I eat and drink? What does it mean to seek the good of others in the things I choose to eat and drink?


What would it look like for us to be holy in everything we do? What would need to change?


Jesus is clear that he hates when people only act holy but do not live holy. Where in my life do my words not match my actions?


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