Fighting The Chaos of Christmas

There is so much going on during Christmas time. Extra shopping, extra parties, and lots of extra food consume our time and energy. In addition to wrapping presents, students are also wrapping up school before break, which means they’re completing assignments, attending final practices, and more. It’s “the most wonderful time of the year”, but if we’re being honest, we’ve also come to know it as a season of chaos (and maybe a little bit of stress).  

In 1 Kings 19, God is preparing to speak to Elijah. While waiting on the mountain, Elijah experiences a “great and mighty wind”, “an earthquake”, and “a fire” (19:11-12a), but the Lord was not in any of them. Instead, he came in “a still small voice” (19:12b). God can and does speak to us quietly in the middle of chaos if we are prepared to listen. 

This Christmas season, consider introducing God’s voice by being intentional about engaging your students in Scripture. Consider the difference it could make in their lives to approach Christmas time with a refreshed, Holy Spirit-filled perspective. Don’t allow this time to pass by without challenging your students to practice listening for the still, small voice of God. Here are 3 steps to do so: 

  1. Send Scripture texts: Send Scripture right to their phones every morning. Help them start their day in God’s Word and with His promises for them. 
  2. Have quiet time: Challenge your students to spend 5 minutes reflecting on that Scripture, asking the questions “How can I live out this promise today?” 
  3. Talk about it: Ask your students to share how their days went and how they saw God working (some days they might not see it – that’s okay!). 

If you’re looking for a way to get deeper into the Word with your group, Soul Exercises has a four week Advent Guide that teaches students how to turn to Scripture in the Christmas season. You can learn more about the series here or order it now for your group! 

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